Addison - same things

just posting this scrub music here because I like interacting with ppl on here…

feedback welcome, by the way

Great groove. Definitely a strength of yours. :slight_smile:

Liked and Reposted. :+1:

Only criticism I’d have would be that (imo) the kick sound feels slightly off, like it doesn’t quite fit the vibe.
Maybe it’s the click, giving it a slight flam.

It’s good at the current tempo, but could possibly benefit from being a few BPMs faster just to up the energy a touch.


Would be great to pick up on that collab we worked on a while ago. I still think it’s worth wrapping up and putting out there. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yeah, the thing about the kick is that it sounds S tier on my monitor speakers, but just alright on my headphones, so I figured I’d just keep it anyways.

Also yes, let’s stay in touch and finish the collab! :slightly_smiling_face: