Addison - Cloud IX [House]

House music inspired by various artists such as Breakbot and HOME. I finished this song about 3 months ago and was reluctant to release it because I understand that the offset is kind of weird and might throw you off a bit, but taking it off for some reason was detrimental to the rhythm and it just didn’t work, so I kept. Figured anyways I’d go ahead and put it out. Anyways, I’ve been working hard on an ‘album’ for about 3 months and have finished about 7 tracks that will either be part of album or will all be singles that I hope people will enjoy.


Very clean and Professional!! Almost couldn’t tell it was made in Auxy for a sec

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That’s what I was going for! Cheers mate!

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I love the use of offset in this tack. Gives it a looser, swung feel that really works.

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I like it. I’m a fan of your grooves, and I think the swing/offset feels spot on.

The piece does feel somewhat under-developed though.
There’s minimal and stripped back, and I can dig that. But, this feels like it’s a little too centred on a single groove, so might feel like it doesn’t really go anywhere.

Especially bc the main chord riff is present throughout the entire track and the entire track is based on a two 1-bar loops.
That’s not a problem in itself, but it means that things can get stale. I’d explore dropping it out for a section, to change up the energy. This might also allow you to lengthen the track to something more typical of the genre.

The 2-minute mark feels like it needs to be stepping up a gear, energy-wis, imo.

I like it, but in its current form, it feels like you’ve got a semi-developed groove waiting for further development.

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Weird is cool! I love seeing the different takes on genres and instrumentation alike. This is also very well made for being an Auxy track, and the minimalist elements really helped with the mixing side of things.

Kudos, I’ll keep my eye open for the album release : )

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