Adding vocals to a track

Hey guys,

I’ve been really busy with my junior year, now not so much, so i can finally get back to what i love to do. I’ve had a few songs cooped up for a while and am now getting back to them, they are :fire::fire::fire::metal:

Question: I have a song that i am going to have someone sing in, implying i have lyrics for it, and was well wondering how you can record someones voice and import it into the app. i see this new premium thing, and honestly seems a bit of a rip off but what the hell, it says that you can import your own samples. Does that mean i can record someones voice as a sound???

^Thoughts Opinions

could use one of the Devs. for some help on this one. i want to make sure i get this right, because once i activate my 2 month free trial there’s no turning back.

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I don’t have the subscription. But from what I understand you can IMPORT 10 second max SAMPLES which go into the drum rack. It’s mainly for 1 shots like other drums, drop shouts, or background sounds. So this also means so direct recording into Auxy. (Idk how the import process works since I’ve never used it, but someone else should know)
So assuming I’m actually right here, I don’t think using the subscription would be worth it if you want to add full vocals. I think it would be better to just export track into an external DAW (like GB, FL, Abelton etc) and add your vocals there.


Oh also

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I’m gonna second this.

If you’re looking to do full vocals the subscription isn’t going to help.

If you want to sample anything less than ten seconds and want a shed load of samples and some new instruments then def hook it up. I think it’s worth a fiver a month, just for sample import alone

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ok thank you lots. do you know anyone who has added vocals and know what the best way to add them?

Agree with @El1011 - GarageBand is probably the best bet (especially since it’s free on iOS). I’ve played around with Voloco a bit too that seems like it’d be good, but I don’t really do vocals so I can’t 100% vouch for it or the process.

Btw, definitely not a rip-off to get the subscription. It’s only $5 to get thousands of sounds and more great additions to Thebes app that make it a way better experience. Especially if making music is your passion.


i once used Bandlab for a podcast i had to make sophomore year and it worked great. i could import my Auxy song into the app and create a separate slot with my voice in it and i can cut things out and move things. if no one can find a better alternative ill prob use that app. it works wonders.

it just doesnt allow you to alter with the vocals. does the app do that? or can you not alter with imported sounds for auxy? like changing its lowpass or pitch?

ok first off im gonna REEEEEEEEeeeEEEEEE
it is not a ripoff. enough said. get over it.

but as far as vocals go, premium wont help much. you’re gonna wanna use a desktop DAW to add vocals to your track. of course you could do it with auxy if you wanted but that would require choppin gup the samples as far as I am concerned.


I’ve had a lot of fun adding samples and for me it’s totally worth it. I use an app called AudioCopy to directly record things from my phone so you could do it that way. You could also record something and then put it into the folder on iCloud. :+1:

GarageBand should allow you to do that & more since it’s more of an actual DAW. So you can do more mixing/mastering stuff with it + add effects etc.

I actually don’t use the iOS version of GB because I found it more limiting than the Desktop version (and easier to navigate/use). It should be free from the App Store too if u have a mac.

Only downside would be that you have to export your track first, somehow get it to your computer, than import it to the app. But I’ve done it before so it is possible, just a slightly longer process

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Do you know a good app for importing samples? Like a free app that records audio in Uncompressed WAV files?

GarageBand- you can export from there direct into Auxy using “Copy to” - I’ve done it and the samples needed no further treatment. Beyond that, no, any other app I know of is going to cost something. Getting back to vocals though, with a ten second sample time limit you’re going to have a VERY UNFUN TIME chopping the hell out of a vocal track to make it work :confused:

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I’d also take a look at Tize.

I’ve only been playing with it for a few days, but I’m already quite impressed.
It’s perhaps not quite as polished as Auxy from a UI/UX perspective, but is much closer to a complete DAW.

It’s basically what I had hoped Auxy would become…

I immediately noticed the AUv3 support and what looks like a nice FX chain :+1:

The UI is definitely a little rough, but the workflow and sound are obviously what’s important here ( I don’t think anyone’s ever called a tracker SEXY but lord knows a lot of great music’s been written on them :slight_smile: )


I think Marabu could be considered sexy.


Thanky you

Having access to thousands of samples (with the option of importing your own), and sound packs being added every month for $5 a month or $45 a year isn’t a rip off

This made me smile :smiley: