Add proper genre and style tags on SC!

People, put yer damn genre and style tags on your SoundCloud tracks!

If you’re uploading directly from the Auxy app, it only adds #auxy, which is fine if all you want to do is maybe aim for an Auxy SC repost.

If you want more, then you absolutely need to follow up on the website to add primary genre tag, secondary genre tags and a few style/mood tags (and possibly a description).

No excuses, people! Fix up!
(Unless you actually want your music to be hidden and ignored.)

And, 'member… friends don’t let friends post to SC without genre tags.





Man, if I could like this ten times I would. I liked and unliked it like 5 times.

If you don’t tag appropriately you are missing out on potential audience via direct search or related play algorithms. I can vouch for the algorithms driving at least half my plays on SC.

Put other tags too like tempo, key if applicable, like AKA says mood, style, genre, elements of the song (guitar, beats, bass etc). Obviously more generic isn’t super helpful for humans, but for the algorithms, I’d run with it.

Also, TAG YOUR WORK HERE when you post a track. No approximation of genre, no listen (for me, and I suspect others here too). You’re gonna want the correct audience to listen to your stuff.


What if your not quite sure what genre your song is?

Does anyone know of a place where I can find examples of a bunch of different genres or find out what genre any song is (kind of like Sound Hound, but for genres)? I haven’t posted any tracks yet, but I’m in the process of making my first album right now, and I can’t quite put a finger on what the genres of my songs are.

I agree that people should add the proper genre tags to their songs, but like me, some people might not know what the genres of their tracks are. I think having some sort of reference would help everybody in the community.

I can confirm that tagging does seem to work. First time I put a ton of tags (8ish) on a track (April Rain, non-auxy) I got lots of plays, fast. Yes, I have more followers than I used to, but I was also getting a lots of new followers and likes from people I’d never seen. I do lots of tags now.


Don’t tag by super specific sub-genre as the main tag. If you’re not sure, just put Electronic from the drop down. In the small tags, put your super specific genres like ‘Electro House’ or ‘Deep Future Bass’ or whatever. Also put tags like ‘Vocals’ if you’ve got vocals, ‘Guitar’ or ‘Piano’, anything that’s a characteristic of your song. Heck, even put ‘X BPM’ or something.


If you make the SoundCloud genre “Auxy”, it has the potential to show up on the “Auxy” SoundCloud tag page if it gets enough traffic. (Not really sure how their algorithm works, but the only way that it’s possible to show up on that page is if the genre is “Auxy”).

P.S. This is not a tip for getting more plays, just a random note :stuck_out_tongue:
P.P.S. Here is an actual tip for getting more plays:


I’d say post the track on the forum and ask for input on the genre.
Then, once there’s a consensus that you feel fits, update your SoundCloud post.

(It’s great/better to have tags when posting here, but it’s actually important to have them on SC.)

+ you can always update the title of your forum post here when you find the right genre(s). :+1:

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I’d recommend against making it the primary genre tag.
It’ll still appear in the Auxy tag page if it’s somewhere in the secondary tags.

Much better to make the primary genre something relevant to the audience for that genre.

The fact that a track was made with Auxy is less important than its main genre (and its sub-genres).

The potential audience for (e.g.) dubstep is much larger than for ‘auxy’.

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Really? :open_mouth: I tried that a couple months ago and it didn’t show up, even with a really obscure tag like “iuhrihguh”.

I agree, and for this reason I stopped doing that a while ago, but I just meant that if you use Auxy as the genre tag it can show up on the tag page.

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I get that, but the audience for ‘auxy’ is likely < 500 people, realistically speaking, most of whom are other members here – who will likely see the track post on the forum.

So, better (imo) to use the forum to announce to other Auxy users, and focus SC tags on the genre audiences (but still include Auxy as an extra tag on SC).


Oh yeah, of course. I wasn’t really suggesting people do that, it was more of just something I found out a while back. (I guess it’s confusing, I’ll edit the post)

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Okay, gonna go through all my tracks and tag them the best I can. Thanks for the tip :wink: :+1:


This post is as sacred as the Bible to me. It’s quite dumb to expect good traffic when you just upload tracks like your setting up an easter egg hunt; having people click on tracks and hearing something without actually knowing what they’re listening to.


For what it’s worth, Some people just might not know what genre it is. There’s not always an easy way to find that out at first. Could be part of the problem now. I see plenty of posts asking “what genre is this?” Around.

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At the very least please don’t set the genre on your tracks with a completely unrelated descriptor… such as your producer name :wink:

It doesn’t help you to show up more on search results and it’s actually very annoying for people browsing your music because they can’t get an idea for what genre your tracks are. More likely to drive them away then to help your cause.

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Even if you don’t know the genre, put electronic (I’m assuming we’re writing electronic music, right?) and put tags of elements of the track. Breakbeats? Great tag. Bass heavy? Put bass. Put the tempo. Strings, guitar? Use those as tags. It doesn’t have to be tagged as “progressive hip post hop abstract lofi house” or whatever.

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For sure. Though the point then becomes that you shouldn’t leave your SC track with no meaningful genre tags.

If you don’t know, ask for input.

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roughly how many would we be aiming for? also doing #tuffluv makes you look like a fast food company

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