Add Mac Compatibility

Now that iOS app sideloading for M1 Macs is blocked please add legitimate support for Auxy Pro on Mac or make a new version and charge separately for it… whatever ya’ll want, but the people need Auxy Pro on Mac! :white_heart:! Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 1.43.09 PM|690x388

Did anyone else have the chance to add Auxy to their M1 Macs using iMazing or Apple Configurator 2??

If I’m being honest, I’m to lazy to do that.

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Honestly, I wish they had it for windows 8 and newer, so I could produce on my computer.

Lol put it on android. That way you can do stupid stuff like me.

Dual boot your Mac and put windows 10 on it, then use windows ten to run Bluestacks android emulator and run android apps on it. Lolol jkjk

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@INDIR3CT It probably takes a lot of technical knowledge that I don’t have to understand what you just said.