Add a hardstyle pack plz

Nothing more to say… Just read the post title


that’d be cool

I mean if you want to make happy hardcore you can je rift as a melody and owl as a bass

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nah hardstyle not hardcore (granted idk what owl sounds like, but i assume it’s not exactly what CTRL is talking about). Hardcore/happy hardcore use kicks and strong basses, but hardstyle is more of a kick+super hard/overdriven/distorted bass

happy hardcore:



Hardstyle (pretty extreme example, but it def gets the point across lol):


i’d be hella down to hear some auxy hardstyle

I’ve always thought that hard style = hardcore lol, what’s the difference?


Hardcore is a lot faster (170 - 200 BPM) and sometimes uses normal sounding kicks or a reverse bass effect layered on the kicks. Hardstyle is slower than hardcore (145 - 150 BPM) and uses a more distorted and bouncy bass sound whenever the bass changes a note. Hardstyle often tends to be more melodic than hardcore.


I have some hardstyle kicks imported but I would really enjoy and auxy made hardstyle pack tbh

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That’s not hardstyle tho we need screeches and more importantly the KICKS! But yes that was my technique for happy hardcore, u can also use the new sub basses and add distortion and attack for some reverse bass like I used in this track :

Here’s some more examples of a reverse bass:

Yeah me too but when u pitch them they just sound so crap and they shorten in length (This ones from 2018)

Here’s a scrap project of UK hardcore:

It’s achievable however very limited

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