Actuator Test (collab welcome)

Did a thing. Don’t know what more to do with the thing. Help.

kisses and loves,


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im known as Firewigo624 in soundCloud and YT And discord so here is my project i made the outro trippi

i’ll probably make something with it tomorrow or maybe even today
it’s not gonna be too long tho, and it’s not really into my style of music but i’ll try my best to keep it energetic and consistent :slight_smile:

ok i finished it and my part is too short honestly
also i didn’t really changed the existing parts as i was kinda lazy soo yeah i just pretty much extended it for 5 scenes and nothing more
anyways here’s the project

Sounds like you changed the snares somewhere down the line on fire’s part, or they did that themselves. Kinda like it. Regardless, your part slaps, hard.

Only thing was that I was waiting for you to include was the chord/bass progression from the start to show that you were using the same melodic ideas as before (cause collab and remix I suppose) while adding in your own sorta vibes. And I mean, it could totally break away otherwise. Maybe I’m just being pedantic :joy::sob: apologies.

For real though, that drum loop that did that thing where it stops and then starts again on the second bar was chef’s kiss, and I found my head nodding along throughout your contribution. It doesn’t matter if it’s small, it still slaps. Hard.

haha thanks

yeah i thought of connecting the start melody/chords but for sone reason decided not to :man_shrugging:

and also that’s true - i changed the drums in fire’s part a little bit so they don’t sound too distorted as it was before (because everything in his part is very distorted and with distorted drums my ears were about to bleed lol)

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