Acoustic Drum Covers?

So, my father has this channel called, “The Masked Drummer”, because he doesn’t want anyone to know his real identity, and yes, he actually wears a mask! He’s looking for songs that have a hard to play irl drum beat. He doesn’t want electronic drums, as he has already shown me that it’s way too easy. Anybody has any songs like, “Second Chance — Shinedown”, “Trouble — Coldplay”, “It’s My Life — Jon Bon Jovi”, etc, please post them here, and I’ll check each and every single one of them! Thanks!


I play drums actually! How good is he? On a scale of 1-10 (1=never touched a set before, 10= god tier, tony Williams, Art Blakey etc). I might be able to see if I can cook up something challenging…

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Also, which channel is it? I wanna see some of his vids.

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Well, since he’s my father, I’m probably going to be biased a bit…I would rate him as a 8!
The link is at the top, lol…

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Oh okay sorry!

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No worries!

Can I just send in some raw drum beats? Sorta as a challenge

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Sure, I don’t see why not!

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Everyone and anyone can post something here, so don’t feel intimidated at all. I will personally review each and every song posted here and get back with the owner of the song who I chose.

Daft Punk - Contact

The combo re-release of Blakey’s ‘Rucerdo’ and ‘Reflections in Blue’ is my second favourite jazz ‘album’. :+1:


We’ll see, lol