Acid Dreams - Xiejra

So i started this track a while ago around the time of Auxy BTC 18 when i had this idea of this plucky sound. thought it went perfectly with this halftime style track. enjoy!



The growls are awesome! I love it!

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Kinda Trippy but I like the intensity with it. (I don’t think trippy is the right word to use lol)

sounds awesome

Awesome, liked and followed. You’re doing awesome things with these sounds I listened to other tracks too. Cannot get enough growl and squelch :slight_smile:


is weird the word you are lookin for?

I guess so, I like it though, just not used to it so it sounds completely different to me

Thanks! im working on a track similar to this with improved Growls >:)

X-ie = SEXY! Hot track. Love the growly dub breaks too. The drama and intensity is well done!

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