About the Branding & Distribution category


All about building your artist brand and distributing your tracks. Post tracks in the respective categories though, not here!


Great that you’ve done this. I think it will be great going forward.

Just wondering whether it’s worth having ‘promotion’ or ‘marketing’ in the category title (simply because it would be good to have something that clearly covers activity and processes after you’ve got your stuff on the various channels, etc…).

It’s worth starting to reflect the distinct segments of activity in the (real) music industry – and distribution doesn’t necessarily cover marketing/promotion.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:


We’ve gone back and forth on “promotion” in the name and ended up without it cause it seemed to inspire posting tracks for promotion. Although I think promotion is a part of distribution so hoping that will be apparent in the threads.


Fwiw, the entertainment industry still tends to treat them as distinct activities – even in the digital-first/digital-only music era.

Promotion is more aligned with marketing, while distribution is still largely its own distinct activity, more aligned with manufacturing and logistics.

While not particularly common, it’s more likely you’ll see music promoters (marketers) handling some (digital) distribution, than vice versa, as it’s easier to bolt on digital-only distribution to marketing, than the other way around.

There certainly won’t be any promotion included in the distribution services that most here will use, such as Amuse, Landr, TuneCore, CDBaby, etc…

Still, I do understand how having ‘promotion’ in this category title would likely lead some to post their tracks here, rather than discussing promotional ideas and activities in principle.


good idea


some day, I just wish i could be featured…