About Speed of Composition

Please tell me how to make a song quickly.

I would like to refer to your opinions as a bit reference.



Quality, not quantity.
It’s not a race.

It takes as long as it takes.
Sometimes I’ll have an idea in the morning, potter about with it for a few mins here and there – and have something for SC by the evening.

Others takes weeks, possibly months.

Why might some users be angry at you?
(Not producing enough material for their liking?)


Who’s angry at you? D:

Amazingness takes time, don’t rush yourself. The true thing that can help improve productivity in composition is practice. If you’re a perfectionist, that takes more time. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Your music is seriously cool, especially the RAC demo remix!



I rather want you to tell us how to make really cool stuff like your works even it is time consuming…



Perhaps you are right.
I can’t easily satisfy with my songs.

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Would you be faster if you were able to record melodies/rhythms live into Auxy loops via some kind of key/touchpad within the app? Cause this would really do it for me. I love Auxy, love the sounds, love the engine, automation, but it honestly takes me so much more time to make a song in Auxy than in some of the other apps I use with this capability. And my output is less than it could be as a result. But those apps don’t have the sheer sonic power of Auxy. Cmon @Auxy, in 2018 let’s get a playing surface w/recording in Auxy! And please let me test it, I’m sure it will be awesome as everything else.

Sometimes inspiration comes to you. Last night I had a really good idea so I stayed up late to finish. On one of my other tracks I spent about 2 weeks on it and it wasn’t even my best work. It’s all about making it the way you like it.

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I definitely agree with this statement. Couldn’t be truer, the same things happen for me. I made my best songs in hours/days and my mediocre ones in days/weeks


Yeah, my latest song, Ruthless, took about 2-3 hours.

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Pretty much as everyone else has said. But it’s all about inspiration. If ur motivated, noting can stop you. Varíen finished a whole album in 10 days, meanwhile PsoGnar and Teminite spent about a year working on an EP.

It’s about what u got flowin at the moment and sometimes they are spaced out and sometimes they all come crashing down all at once

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Its impossible for me.


Don’t rush yourself man. I’m excited for your upcoming tracks!

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All I can say is, don’t rush it. If that not what you like, don’t do it.

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You shouldn’t try to force something to be finished quickly.

Often times I’ll have an idea, get it down, think it to be garbage, come back to it a couple months later and be inspired again to finish it (currently happening right now).

Other times I’ll have a flood of ideas and work on a song consistently and get it to 90-95%, with only finishing touches being needed. (happened with my track Enigma).

The point is that you should go with the flow of whatever track you’re making and not focus on how long it takes. Unless you are going to pursue music production as a profession, you don’t really need a defined schedule or feel obligated to post a flood of tracks.


It has taken me about four hrs rn for making a trap song

Finished your car ride? :joy:

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Thx for noticing

WAit… howd you know

Wait nvm