About “Medly vs, Auxy”

You talk about how Medly copies off Auxy. Then Auxy says they didn’t invent many of the concepts it’s built on. Then Auxy copies undo and redo from Medly.

Why do you still hate on Medly? I use both in the same song a lot of the time.

Apparently other people do too:

Why don’t you actually try it instead of wasting time saying “AUXY IS BETTER THAN MEDLY”?

Although I think it is by a touch.

No this isn’t just a promo thread for that play date plus artist or whatever, I’m just giving examples.

Historically, this discussion never ends well. I’m pretty sure undo and redo have been around since like… computers. So I don’t think anyone is copying anyone or whatever (Cubasis has undo and redo, Gadget has undo and redo, GarageBand has undo and redo - are they all copycats??)

I think there’s some features of Medly that are really good (automation visible over notes, audio import, time shift, re-key) and I think there’s stuff about Auxy that’s really good (just sounds GREAT (thanks Sonic Charge et al), automations are not combined with note data so you can mix and match, a proper drum sampler etc).

I’ve used both, they both have their place. At the end of the day the tool doesn’t matter too much, if you’re writing music and having fun then really that’s all that matters.


I’ve used medly and for me personally it seems weaker in terms of synth design that auxy. Medly just doesn’t have the strong sounds I need for my house-y style. That’s only my opinion tho and my experience

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