About Auxy and if it auto applies a limiter on a track


Hey all,
I’m working on an album as of now and I have a question about how Auxy functions.
The thing is, I’m going to be putting songs from both FL studio and Auxy in the set, and I’ve always mastered tracks in FL with the built-in limiter (and of course with a few other things as well).
Does Auxy automatically apply some sort of Limiter or any other effects upon exporting? I’m wondering if I should import the tracks into FL and add a limiter.


yeah i believe if you export the whole track there are automatically some effects applied. BUT if you just export as individual instruments the effects will not be applied.


I was trying to dig up the post but having a hard time finding it. Stem export does not do any kind of limiting / compression, “master effects” secret sauce. Whole song export does.

If you wanna keep your mix consistent, you may want to export stems into FL and treat them there.


And Auxy doesn’t offer any dipping sauce either!


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What kind of sauce?

Auxy’s secret sauce, please.

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Auxy indeed is using a limiter as part of its EQ auto-mastering algorithm. However, if you are exporting stems, these functions are disabled. It’s important to note when mixing them.

(BTW, if you’re using FL Studio, I’d highly recommend not using Fruity Limiter for limiting, it has a lot of glaring issues)


What you all mean by limiter


This should help explain



Forgot to do this earlier, but it seems like @icsleepers beat me to it xD oh well


If the audio needs compression, then yes; if it doesn’t, then no.


In your experience, what sort of songs need compression and which ones don’t? Many songs can benefit from compression of course, so what would be the use of not utilizing it smartly? ofc I ask this because I know you’ve been around music for a long time and would know the answer here xD


The best advice I can give is to use your ears.

Over compressing.

IMO, it’s the biggest giveaway that someone is still learning their craft.


Agh, the one thing I can’t do well xD I can’t tell what’s compressed or not to be honest. It’s really not apparent to me.

This I get at least. Even if it’s not obvious to my ears, I can at least see the signs of too much compression on a waveform at least coughSPRAYcough


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