Ableton link bugs on Auxy

Hi! So I’ve been messing around with ableton link and I’m still curious how you play a melody in other mobile daw… well anyways I just found some bugs that I’ve found while enabling ableton link

Do you have same bugs like this? Lemme know

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I’ve had the same visual bug with the instrument setting panel, but it’s not with ableton link. I can’t remember exactly how I did it, but I have managed to find this bug a few times.

It was also in the beta, and I did manage to find one instance of this happening, but also not related to the ableton link.

I haven’t ever seen what’s going on on the left side with the purple instrument though…

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Tbh the setting panel kinda looks good

Haven’t noted issues with UI and using Link with other apps. There are definitely still problems with Link in Auxy, but devs are aware of them. The two biggest problems I’ve seen (heard) is that when you introduce another Link enabled app into your session, the audio in Auxy halts. The newly added app(s) also don’t honor the tempo set by Auxy (ie, my Auxy project is running at 80bpm, but in Blocs Wave the last used tempo was 120 - both apps will match 120bpm). Once you change tempo both will be in sync, but it’s really not supposed to work like this…

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my Ableton link can’t even find my Ableton

Link for sure needs to be turned on in both applications and they MUST be on the same network (ie, wireless network, or even wired, but must be same network).

I have done that it just won’t connect