Aadam’s Ultra-Electronic Challenge!

Make something off of this partially ultra-electronic loop.


  1. Any kind of project link is allowed: SoundCloud, project file, etc.
  2. All external samples are allowed.
  3. Keep the tempo above 100!
  4. Must be 30 seconds to three and a a half minutes; it can be the exact length
  5. Feel free to change the instruments and drums. However, the project must have the same feel.

That’s all the rules for now. Entries are due by May 10, and will be judged on May 11 (The day before my birthday!) If we have more than 11 entries, we will announce three winners instead of one!

The prize is a mention on my info. Also, the most important part: Have fun!



Here is @Doviro’s entry. I posted it here because he is not able to reply.

@moderators, try to see if you could fix this problem.

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I can’t do it brother also is a guitar a part of ultra electronic?

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Instruments don’t matter. All what matter is if your submission is based off of the project in the description.

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Finished mine feel free to check it out if you’d like


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I’m kinda new so I don’t know if it’s actually any good but here’s mine!


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If you haven’t got started yet, you better get done quick! If you want me to extend the deadline, feel free to ask.

I will extend the deadline to the end of May.