Aadam - Possible chance of rebranding

Mod note: You will probably not have to change my username, unless if majority of the votes want me to change it. If so, it is not necessary, but it would be cool, and also helpful.

Welcome back, everyone. Today I got a new idea!

So I thought maybe I could make a new username, because I thought having my own name might not be the best. I mean, it is not bad, actually it is good, but really, I do not know if it is the best. I will change my Full Name to my idea though. Hopefully this works out. If not, it is still okay.

Alright guys, ready to hear my idea?

So when I write my name now, in a cool way, let me show you what it looks like.image
So now, let’s get rid of the D, and the line.

You probably see it says: AMM. Look at the first picture, and see if you can find the hidden AMM.

So guys, you like my new idea? If you do not like it, then please tell me, so I can keep my old one.

Here is a poll, so you do not have to tell me!
Do you like my new username idea?

  • Yes
  • No
  • It is okay
  • Don’t know

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Alright. Now I need to see what my new logo should be. Only got one idea so far:image
It is kinda lame, but I am just starting out.


ah yes, the famous skyline. of amm


I do not understand what you mean…


you should make a picture instead of words
something that represents your music style

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Well, look at the background.

A city.

Cities = electronic [very ultimately]

My music = Electronic [Also very ultimately insane and intense amplified bass ish techno and trance]

Not just that, my new logo makes me look like and actual.


It’s a little hard to tell that it’s a city because the picture is so small in the forums

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The lights tell it.

I think you should keep your current username


Okay, but should I keep my logo?

Idk, the logo and the username don’t match up


AMM is my typical rebrand remember?


I think instead of seeing what others think you should do, you should decide what is best for yourself.

Also, too many polls man…


I wana know the story behind AMM !

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Scroll up.

Sorry. Also, I want to see what people think, cause if I randomly change everything, I have a chance of being booed.

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I don’t think people would boo you for changing your logo, but you do you


No one has given you a real concept design so here you go!


If you’re wondering why I went with this idea it’s because you seemed to like the skyline a lot and it even has AMM hidden in it
Take a look:


Well, I see that part, but my only concern is that it seems a little basic.

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That’s why it’s concept art. It’s just an idea I had. If you like the idea enough I can make it into a finished logo