Aadam - Epic Go? [REMIX] (DnB/Ultra Electronic, Project, WIP, Suggestions?)


So in 2018, I made this trash project called Epic Go.

Today, I went and checked the project. I listened to it on SoundCloud a couple times, and felt that it had potential. I decided to go back to the project link and play around with it a bit. What I got, it just blew me. It was one of my gold projects. I feel like I can make another hour of this song but I want to see what you think can be done with this. I am happy to look at what you’ve got. Also, this was SO fun making. Not to forget, I kept all of the old sounds in place except for Racer and Beam which I deleted the loops they had for some reasons. Also, the only instrument that I added was spiral from Panic Attack.

Also this isn’t really ultra-electronic, but there are enough elements of it so I added it in the description.

Link to the new project:

Link to another one; I kept a beam loop that I felt like would do me good:

Whoever clicked on this, there was a mistake. When racer was updated, it got ruined so I had to fix this problem real quick.

I think the first two scenes have the most potential out of the track on my opinion. It doesn’t really feel finished or polished yet. My feedback for this world new to stick with a more consistent melody and drum pattern and add proper transitions and larger sections. Without these things, the track feels a bit like a collection of unrelated ideas.

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I know, and I agree with you about the first two scenes being the best. I don’t think this will be an official release, but this would be nice on my yt channel as some sort of mashup. Also, I’d like to see what you can do with it. Looking at what you make out of it would be nice, not trying to be mean. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not going to work on this right now, but I’ll try to make something much later in the future with it.

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