A Truly Intergalactic Journey - Etchris (Album idea, Collab?)

Hi all,
I am wanting to create an album for the start of 2020. However, I haven’t created a song in a while, other than the two I’ve posted. I was wondering if anyone wanted to collaborate on a song for the album with me?
Although I should name the album after I create the songs, I’ve been really digging space, and how space may be portrayed as planets. And so the name I was feeling was “A Truly Intergalactic Journey”
Ethan Christensen (etchris)


I’d be down! I’d love to make some spacey songs

Sounds cool

Im all for ambient stuff! What kind of genres is the album surrounding? Im open if you need ideas

Definitely more towards electronic sounds… rather than like guitars/melodic percussion/etc…


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Alright! Keep me updated ok?

I’m down

Here’s something I made quick

For sure…
You can throw around ideas too. :smiley:

Feel free to throw out ideas if you have any, i will try too as well.


Sure! I’ll dm you some project files if you want later

Sounds like a plan

here are some updated ideas…
One of them isn’t really space but something that came across my mind…

non-space themed but maybe if there was an alien beach party:


space themed: