A slight change - TornaitJ rebranding

Hey guys, Tornait here. I decided I’m going to redo pretty much everything, in terms of how my profiles look. The picture I’m currently using is the first ever profile pic I’ve used as Tornait. So… The old logo will be no more. I guess with this being the start of the year, it’s a time of change. Also, this means that my musical style will change. I mean, I love jazz, I’ll still do it, but I want to start being more cohesive with my sound, and end up making the stuff I’ve always wanted to make. Now with Auxy 5, I can do so. Don’t worry, I’m not changing my name. In a way, this is sort of an evolution in progress. I’ll come soon with a whole new logo and identity, promise.

Edit: to clear up confusion; this is only a placeholder.


Dang :frowning:

I can’t decide if this is good or bad…


As long as your music stays awesome, then it’s a good move!


Honestly I prefer the old logo more


I think the old logo was better :smiley:

Can you post the old one for reference?

Your old logo was… a logo, while I feel like the new one isn’t. I’m fine with the change though.

Found it


i prefer ur old logo but whatever u choose is the correct answer :smile::+1:


Again, guys, this pic isn’t supposed to be a logo. It’s a placeholder. I’m not gonna pull a Vulture on you guys.


Ooohhh. Can’t wait to see what you come up with, then.

Fwiw, just had a quick play around…



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I prefer the old logo too.
I know this isn’t a logo but using a placeholder instead of a logo?
I didn’t quite understand actually.
What are you going to use this for if it doesn’t take the place of the logo?

I’m going to use this as a placeholder. This is really just going to be in place for all of my accounts until I reveal the new logo. So… a new logo will come around soon, hopefully with a custom font.


ohhh i see
Ok than im excited for the new logo

This is not a new logo, I keep telling people that… But for my new logo, I might use Illustrator… as soon as I can figure it out, that is. Well, as soon as I can afford it.


rip wallet


Fwiw, @tornait, the thing I did is an original illustration. You’re free to use it if you want.
(Just had the idea and wanted to try it out. A quick, five minute thing.)


FWIW, I like this A LOT. Very easy on the eyes and immediately recognizable.

It’s got a kind of cool sci-fi feel to it too

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