A Place for those who listen to Spinnin Records, Smash the House, Mainstage, etc

Collabs are great, but when you’re trying to make a song a certain way and want someone to help add to it to make it better its a good thing to have the same kinda genre or style that you have in order to make it sound great, not like 2 different styles. I found myself making a big room style song and asking to collab and having the song style deviate from my main objective genre. I made this thread for those who listen to those types of labels and music to have those fans come together and make songs like those labels have. A few others are Revealed Recordings, and songs from trap nation on YouTube. We could also create sub topic for different genres just to be able to collab with like minded genre styles.

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I’d love to collab on a track like this!
BTW Check out Armada (Trice, Deep, Zouk) for more amazing music!

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Yesss dude armada is pretty nice :ok_hand:t2: And garrix new label too STMPD records

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True, but they have all types of music at STMPD

Anyone tryna collab?

hell yeah

Perfect​:ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2: Got Twitter or Insta?


Hm aight we’ll just work on it here