A New Dawn - Pieter van Boven [Album]

This is my new album! I think my album really represents what kind of music i’d like to make in the future! It has 12 tracks.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/ietervanoven/sets/anewdawn


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A very nice EP - you succeeded really well.

Personally, I always like it a bit more bassy and not so bright. As you can hear you have already developed a very good own style, which runs through all your EP tracks.

My favorite track is Interstellar but the others are great too.


Hi peter.
Thanks for sharing your tracks.
First time on here and learning Auxy!
I find your stuff is like imagining growing crystals and it’s quite refreshing, I’ve never heard anything quite like it.
I agree with the above poster in that u will do well.