A Little Project

So I recently learned how to use my bass guitar for a school project and I was wondering if you guys could help me with something really quick.

-What are some questions you have about bass guitars?

-Do any of you have a bass guitar?

-Also, what is the most successful way to record sounds and fit them into your songs smoothly?
(I also ordered a microphone over the weekend so I’ll finally be able to record stuff, thank you @NickElle)

Thank you,

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Which mic?

So, to answer your questions, i do not own a bass guitar, but since I’m an audio engineer, I know how to record anything.

In order to record your bass, you’ll need a few things.
You’ll need an audio interface, an actual DAW, and a bit of engineering savvy.
Each of those are easy to acquire.
As far as a DAW, you don’t have to go for $800 Ableton Live: cheap stuff like GarageBand on Mac will work.
And, an interface like a Behringer UMC202HD will work great. It’s super cheap, and the pre-amps are fine.
Next, you’ll need to learn about EQing and compression, and how to mix your tracks to create a clean, tight mix for a great song. Those things are pretty easy to learn.


If not using a Mac, Cakewalk is now available for free from BandLab. I have zero experience with it but for the grand price of ZERO dollars, if you have nothing else it might be worthwhile to learn (It’s been around for a very long time).

I’m not 100% on the licensing model for Reaper but I recall for personal use that also used to be free. It might still be.

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Reaper is “free,” but only for “evaluation.” When you actually start using Reaper as your main DAW, you’ll have to pay for it.

Bah. Cakewalk!!!

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Cakewalk is the way to go for “free PC.”

The Neewer mic you suggested. Thanks for the tips! Now I just need to find a cheap DAW.

Which interface do you have then?

Well I have a apple lab top, what do you recommend for DAWS?

Should already have GarageBand on there :slight_smile: good as anything to start and freeeee


I think it’s on there but last time I tried it it had trouble downloading. Hopefully it’ll work this time.

And, you also have to buy an audio interface.

Here’s one:

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Thanks! I’ll do a bit more research on this and see if it’ll work. :+1::blush:

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An interface is a A to D (analog to digital) converter. It converts analog audio, like from a microphone or guitar into digital audio, which your DAW reads.
It is an absolute necessity for any studio.