A little help with Reverb!

I think the “new” reverb is often way too much.

I have a hard time getting the results I use to be able to get before the update that allowed us to manipulate the Size, Decay, Damping, etc… Before, I could just turn up the verb, and it was g2g.

Now, I usually end up having to turn the verb knob down to 1 or 2, or just not use it at all. I’ve been experimenting with it for a while - thinking I’d eventually get the hang of it, but I’m still having issues.

I’ve tried turning the size/decay down and the damping up, but alas, I still can’t get the sound I want.

I just want a good/simple verb for my leads, snares/hats.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Auxy community - where do YOU normally set your verb for leads? Snares?
Where do you set the lowpass? highpass?



Its like very weird for a drum sample when you turn the reverb up even just a little bit it almost sounds like its on full


YES. That’s exactly how I feel!

I posted something about this a while back and an Auxy moderator said, “But it’s the same reverb…”

A few people thought it was funny…

At least now I know I’m not crazy, lol


this is what I usually set my reverb to for instruments! not a lot but not too much. It’s what I used for my second round auxy tournament submission for the piano!

and this:

is what I’d set it to for my drums! Most specifically the snare and rides. I like to add reverb to my rides to create a slight tail to connect each ride so they don’t sound ‘stocky’, as well as to create a coherent movement on each placement. As for the snares, I tend to overly use reverb on my snares to give it that extra power but if you’re looking for a more general and pre auxy 5 type of reverb, I think the setting I’ve listed above is similar.

I had to tweak with the settings a lot because the Decay and Size on the reverb settings creates a lot of dimension; as if you’re playing an instrument in a giant empty parking lot, whereas Damping and Size just almost creates a delay, similar to the 1/64 delay but more blended. Decay is the key to creating that pre auxy 5 reverb and I’ve found out using the high pass and low pass filters on those settings actually levels out how powerful that decay is in general, so a combination of all those worked well with that.

Hope that helps!


Yeah! Thanks!

This helps a bunch.

Honestly, I’m a bit surprised you sometimes set your instrument verb size to 100.
Just seems like a lot to me at times, but I’ll definitely give these a try!


When we updated all the sounds we noticed that we had forgotten to compensate for a gain change that we do before the effect section. So the reverb level is relatively higher than before. It might be that the curvature for the reverb knob is a bit different for drums than for other instruments though. Will investigate to see if it needs tweaking. In any case, this just means that the dial is a bit different, but you should still be able to get the same settings.


Volume higher than default, then fine tune pass dials at low levels, then adjust pass in advanced reverb.

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Yeah I can confirm:

So I opened an old project link of mine from last year and it had a drum kit. When I tapped ‘Update’ for the samples, the reverb for the snare was way higher (without adjusting any dials)