A help to import samples to Auxy


I need help with importing a sample in Auxy.

First, I went to YouTube to copy a video link on my mobile phone, then I went to the app called “Documents”, and there in that app I went to the browser and typed https://ytmp3.cc/ just to convert the video into audio. The audio was a .mp3, so I downloaded it inside the “Documents” app, it has a title that has a “.mp3” at the end, so I changed .mp3 to .WAV. And then I saved it to the Files app and saved it to an iCloud Drive in an iCloud/Auxy/Samples. Then I went to the Auxy app and to my project, then I went to the drum kit and I tapped an empty slot and tapped “Imported”, then I tapped “Import Samples” then I chosen my audio, then I tapped the “+” sign and created a new folder and named it “Vocals” then I tap “Import” and the message said, “Import failed: The Sample could not be imported.” It just won’t let me import the samples. How do I import the sample to Auxy the correct way?



This is exactly the issue, you can’t just rename it. You’re gonna need something like AudioShare to convert first. The next version can import samples of multiple formats and converts to .flac in the app.



Ok, thanks for the help, I appreciate that.:slightly_smiling_face: