A Guide To Setting Levels In Auxy


I’ve pulled this post. (see @Auxy’s post below)

My initial goal was ‘simple Auxy tips for a better mix’, but what I actually wrote was ‘how I record Auxy in my DAW at -6dB’. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It was probably useful to some, but more likely confusing to many.

I’ll regroup and have another try tomorrow.


Cool tip. 12 o’clock makes sense. I think you should also do one regarding how many times, mixing problems are in fact arrangement problems. I’ve only recently become conscious of this, and would love to see how others make sure parts aren’t competing with each other unless it’s an intentional layering situation.

This is a fantastic initiative! Unfortunately your tips doesn’t make sense in the Auxy context. Just commented on this in your other thread:

The short explanation is that if you download your favorite tracks from genres that are typically created with Auxy, they will have equally limited headroom. The reason is that we want Auxy tracks to sound as good as “real” tracks, and if we would keep levels low, people would refer to Auxy tracks as less good sounding.

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