A diss track?

I’m planning on making a disstrack on everyone whom likes this post before tommorow (the 16th) Anyone want in?


“…and after this post, the Auxy Community would never be the same.”


7 likes? Theres a challenge. Still waiting on @Produk to like it xD

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I’d enter, but I need to focus on my music and this would be too disstrackting.

I’ll see myself out. :wink:


what are we dissing

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I’m dissing everyone who likes this post


Just for that pun, you’re getting dissed

At least my very rhymable name will give you some traction.

That’s funny!

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Omg 13 people

Diss track goes a little something like this:

“You all fools”

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Can you close the topic? I’m getting too many people and am on my phone atm @MisterMaster

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DISS TRACK FINSIHED! If I missed you, its because you liked after it was finished. I can only diss so much. Lol. Be on the lookout on my Soundcloud.

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https://soundcloud.com/hexx-official/diss-track There we go


“like a can of beans”


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Damnit I was too late… :<<

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Lol, maybe I’ll make a second one :wink:

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Hehe, sounds like you had fun. Such a quick turn around too!

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Thanks, lol