909 from Mars - Thoughts?

Haven’t really used it that much yet, but I think it’ll be another solid drum pack. It’s not extremely unique though


Side note - many of the samples sound a bit like the classic Auxy drum packs, and I’m definitely not complaining about that. Those were great


909 From Mars has probably been my most used sample pack over the past few years.
Top quality stuff and a welcome addition to Auxy.



Haha when last month they give you 808’s it’s only fair this month they give you 909’s


It isn’t bad. I’m not really a fan of mars collection, but I still accept them. I personally like the 808 better than the 909.

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ooh this pack is nice

nvm it’s just dirt that I like.

I guess I’ll get back to using the dirt bass for everything…

the developers have to make all the kits in the demo a preset in the drum selection besides “909 dirt”

Cool, but, this got me thinking.

@lenberg some of the samples (anything tonal, for sure the original kick drums, probably others) match key. I can’t imagine there’s 11 kick samples and one is selected per key change. Same with tonal samples.

Couldn’t there be a way to specify the key of imported material so that if someone changes the key (or I decide what I’m working on sounds better in F minor than D Minor) it could do similar?

I know what you’d say, what about major? To which I would say, just use the relative major/minor.

Anyway I dunno, just sayin.

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It’s likely the original sounds were modeled after the 909. It, along with the 808 and other vintage drum machine, make up the basis of a vast amount of genres and styles. Not to mention they are relatively simplistic to synthesize from scratch if you know what you are doing.


The vocal chops fall into this as well, actually. They’re based off of real stems from the original artist. The full pack on blackoctopus actually has them all in tact. Auxy decided to chop them up for use in the app.

Yeah my point is, it seems like this is possible under the hood, it would be incredibly helpful to be able to have imported samples follow the same ability. It wouldn’t have to be mandatory, but I know the key of everything I import unless it’s like a drum hit or something.

I mean, in their eyes it’s probably not that important. Just being realistic though. I don’t know how the samples are handled internally but the pitch to key is specifically defined globally for each individual samples. I don’t know if they have a method for carrying this over to imported samples. If it doesn’t have enough similarities to the way it’s handled currently, it’s unlikely to be a trivial thing to implement.

909 is higher than 808

Petition for ‘10010 From Mars’ to come out?


Wdym? It’s 1010 From Mars. We need chill samples.

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im not kidding this time. we need more chill samples.

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I know, and I agree lol.

lol just noticed your name is now ITJ

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Yeah. Third name change. Mane told me it’s a lot.


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