8 yr old Auxy musician!?


Yeah guys please don’t hate on an eight year old;-; I started “producing” super young and sure maybe this kid has help or maybe someone is ghost producing but he’s still just a kid so until we know for sure let’s give him love and support! It’s always best to inspire someone than put them down. ^^


If you scroll up, you’ll see the response from his dad. Also check out his mom’s YouTube channel which has some videos of him producing and singing. This guys for real :sunglasses:



I should probably drop this here, Obadiah / @obexg still dropping dope tracks at the age of 9 now! :smile:


Heck I have competition


I envy this kid but applause him nonetheless. I should probably listen to this stuff…


who else has this image saved





lol I started auxy when I was 10 (last year : P)


You’re 11?


Dude, that’s crazy.


Yeah :sweat_smile:
Wait wait I’m actually 12 I just realized @DJ_La_Rocca :joy:


Well I bet there’s someone here who’s around my age. I think