8 yr old Auxy musician!?


thread revival tho


¿hath this topic been reviveth?


Look, I see talent, I like


Glad to help with the tutorials. I’ll have more out once I get a new mic. :slight_smile:


Don’t asked to get noticed. If you beg for attention, it’s most likely that you’ll get ignored. Let the attention come to you. Effort pays off. Make a banger, and someone’s bound to notice it(I’m watching for talented new producers in the auxy community all the time). Don’t whine and complain, and someone will notice it. Be a good, trustworthy person, and someone will notice it. You don’t just get “free recognition.” You don’t get participation trophies in real life. No one is entitled to being famous. No one has a right to be famous. You get there by hard work.
Keep up producing and refining your craft. :slight_smile:


noice image


All I can hear is P R O D U C K


Hey all. Obadiah’s dad… again. So, Obadiah’s friend and neighbor, whom you all know as VAULT1, put together a little “making of video” showing O’s process. We put it up on Youtube. Feel free to check it out. And keep making music. It matters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umETugBAESE


Awesome! If you add “with Auxy” to the video title you might drive some additional traffic and we’re obviously thankful. :slight_smile:





:smiley: Bam


This is really awesome! I need to watch the whole thing :slight_smile:

(I’m halfway through)


I so wanna collab with this guy


SAME! It would be epic to collaborate with him.
@obexg hint hint
just kidding lol u don’t have to collab with me


Same here. Obex has got some great talent! :slight_smile:


Nice @VAULT1


ikr obex g’s music is s i z z l i n g :+1:t3::+1:t3:


Thanks for clearing this up.


The cool thing is that was all him. I could’ve kept all the footage but it would be super duper long.
@obexg is very talented :clap: