8 yr old Auxy musician!?


I started producing my own music two years ago.


I started producing when I was 10


Hey all.

Obadiah’s dad, here.

I totally understand the skepticism regarding whether he’s “legit” or not. Yes, my wife and I write and produce theater, mostly musicals. So Obadiah certainly grew up immersed in music. He actually started singing harmony with us when he was about 18 months (correction: I conferred with my wife on the timeline of when Obadiah started singing harmony and was summarily corrected. She would sing to him all the time and by 18 months he started singing along (the melody) and even began finishing her musical phrases. She would change keys and he followed suit. She said he started singing harmony probably around the age of three. I knew 18 months was a milestone, I just had the timeline unintentionally mixed up a bit.) Anyway… Music is in his bones… To a degree that we can’t completely account for. When he was three, if he ever got around a drum kit, he would want to play. And… he was surprisingly adept. When he was four-five he started messing around on the piano with making up his own “songs.” He officially started piano lessons last year and continues to gravitate toward the instrument… sitting down and riffing on whatever tune is occupying his mind. We set up our old Alesis keyboard in his room and he loves to experiment with the sound patches, etc. Obadiah had been creating songs with Garageband on our family iPad for the past year. He enjoyed it and we got him a mini bluetooth keyboard to encourage him in his music creation. Then, a family friend/neighbor (you all know him as VAULT1) showed him around Auxy this past summer. Obadiah took to it immediately. VAULT1 worked with him on a song “Get Outta My Way.” It was my understanding that they wrote it together. From then on Obadiah has really taken to Auxy. Every song he’s posted is 100% created by him– with the one exception being the song he collaborated on with VAULT1. Something you need to know about Obadiah… he’s a bold, energetic, joy-filled, and strong-willed kid. He actually doesn’t ask for my input/feedback until he’s got a song nearly complete. And, honestly, all I usually offer is some constructive criticism about form/structure, which, being the strong-willed kid that he is, he does-or-does-not-implement. His song “One On the Hour” he wrote in one day with zero feedback from me. And I do mean zero. He started getting into tutorials recently and that has really upped his game. As a dad, I’m grateful for tutorials, because my kid would rather learn from a “real artist” than from their dad.

So, for what it’s worth, there’s some of the backstory. He’s a unique kid with a ton of charisma, energy and drive. When he uses his “power” for good, it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Peace, friends. And keep making music. Here’s to more good things in this world.

P.S. For the record, if you’ve seen his little “Hey Teddy” video– he wrote the melody and the lyrics to the song. I created the track in Garageband. But that little motif at the beginning? He sang it to me and told me, “that’s how I want the song to start.”


Thank you sir for clearing this all up. I think I can speak for all of us here that we really do applaud Obadiah for his awesome tracks. Great job dude and we all look forward to what you have in the coming weeks.



That’s awsome! He definitely has a knack for music making!


Since it’s 2018… let’s change the title to “9 yr old Auxy musician?!”


That’s…that’s not how ages work…




Thanks for posting and awesome to hear the story!




how do you know that he is 8?


b o i


true that.


yeah sorry i didnt read the entire thread :slight_smile:


Scroll up. His soundcloud profile says “I’m eight years old… what else is there to know?”


Thank you for sharing his story :smiley: I’m looking forward to seeing him continue to progress


Wow. So this is a natural god given talent!


Wow, Obadiah is so gifted with music! Looking forward to hearing his songs in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:


@obexg Oh my actual, you are awesome! We have to collab sometime, Lol