8 yr old Auxy musician!?


I think @akabillposters brings up some good points about the need to be a bit sceptic about this. I got really excited about the story and forgot to consider whether it was actually the kid making the music or not.

I think these are his parents: http://www.bucketbrigadetheater.com/about/staff/

They seem to have some experience and talent when it comes to music making and have obviously helped him to some extent. If it turns out they made all the tracks, I’m still excited about the fact that there are parents out there who can whip some nice WUBS together like this. :man_dancing:


Hey, don’t let us stand in the way of you being recognized as a producer! If you work hard and make great tracks, there are lots of other ways to get your music heard. It’s not easy to break through though, so be prepared to put in a lot of work. Personally, I recommend making music for more reasons than to be celebrated by others. I also think it’s motivating to hear stories about how hard other people worked before they got anywhere, so check Netflix for some good documentaries.

Keep it up!

ps. You’re not the only one here working hard to get recognized so pay some respect to everyone else by keeping the spirit up!

Have you ever been reposted by Auxy?

Alright, thanks for letting me know!
And I do really try, I usually take two or more weeks to working on a song.
And I have a new big project I’m working on that I am really excited about. I’m doing it for me🙂.

And I have seen the Netflix documentaries. For example, the Jim Carey one was so inspiring… and hilarious. Jim Carey is awesome.


That looks right. His mom is definitely Vanessa Gamble based on the YouTube channel. Another possibility though is that someone is impersonating Obex on SoundCloud :wink:

I still have this gut feeling that Obex or his parents are watching this conversation :joy:


lenberg favors future bass exposed

sarcasm punctuation



@VAULT1 you did a collab with Obex? https://soundcloud.com/obexg/you-ft-vault1

great song btw


I have had Obex G like my songs before.


Yeah, this kid is amazing!
Our families have been friends and neighbors for a long time and watching this kid grow up never fails to impress everybody.
He’s super musically talented. All the songs on his soundcloud are his creations. The Get Out Of My Way song was basically him too. I was there to help channel creativity for lyrics and work on the finer production points on the tune, my brother is the one who captured and edited the video, and Obadiah came up with the tag for it and the lyrics and everything.
Actually what’s amazing is that he’s already won an Emmy for a little Minnesota Vikings news segment that he’s been doing. The youngest person in history to win one.
His parents are really supportive of him too, and helped him with the SoundCloud setup stuff.
And he also picked up the app super fast. I was with him at one point and mentioned Auxy as a side note that I was messing around with it and stuff, and let him fool around with it for 5 minutes. When I saw him again he had tons of amazing full fledged tunes with automations and everything. He learned super fast.
Right now he’s in the hospital after a surgery, but he is loving the support and friendliness he’s getting from the Auxy community.
And with Lenberg and other creators recognizing his work, he’s just in heaven.
He deserves everybody’s support. A follow and a comment here and there on his tracks would be the best, so show him a lot of love!
(Lookin at you @Produk and @Robodude
You guys are his favorite producers!)


And who was that dude who was griping about not being recognized up there? @Michael_Raskin towards @lenberg
I know a friend whose done Auxy for almost a year, and he’s barely gotten any “recognition”.
I’ve been doing it for 1 and 1/2 years and haven’t gotten a btc or whatever. I’ve been doing it since Auxy only allowed 4 instruments at a time on the iPad. Ahhhh those were the days😊
So if that’s the game you’re playing then there’s always gonna be someone lower than you in that spectrum. There’s probably some other guy who’s been doing it since the app began and doesn’t even have a single follower. So chill about that. That’s not the point
Look at what you do and ask “is this cool?”
And if you think “no it needs work” then work on it.
If you think “yeah this is pretty cool” then hey! That’s pretty cool!
There’s no need to get pissed about being unrecognized if you’re doing something that’s cool. All that recognization eventually comes with the cool stuff you do. And if it doesn’t, then that doesn’t mean it’s not cool. Because it is, and you’re proud of it.


This kid’s the real deal
Read bellow


You’d better believe it dude
It’s very legit


Jeez, reading through there’s a lot of skepticism about this. I don’t know how to prove that he’s doing it other than giving my word or something. Honest to goodness he’s actually very talented and, of course, precious. And a goofball. And whatever.
It’s real
He’s real


Glad somebody said it lol


This is so good to hear :slight_smile: I didn’t doubt it (truthfully I got enough of my own :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: going on to even really care) but to get confirmation is really cool. Super touching, sending my best from me and my family to him and his!


well said!


Tell him I said he’s awesome!!


I’m his favorite? Yoooo HMU with this mans SC




MY 7 year old sister was playing on Auxy yesterday. Do I win something? :joy:


I’m curious to learn more about this young man…