8 yr old Auxy musician!?


Is that a bad thing? I get help with music too…


On your Soundcloud or irl?


I started at 11 and didnt post something actually worthwhile till last year. Im 14…


There’s ‘getting help’… and ‘being carried’.
I’m trusting that you’re the former. :slight_smile:


Well the way I see it, if he’s producing his own stuff, he’s either had some heavy training(which in itself would be amazing training) or if it’s all him, then he is undoubtedly a prodigy(or at least on his way to becoming one). Mind you, on average it takes 15 years of sharpening your craft to get to a top notch level; 7 years in extreme cases; 5 years to start producing decent tracks, can be 3.
But with all that aside, my intuition tells me there’s no way, music tends to reflect the creator’s own personality, emotion, etc… it just feels more mature and dark(overall).

To the young man, please don’t see this discussion as hate(flattery really). If you make all your music, that’s amazing and extremely advanced. If not, it is ok to get help, just make sure you’re learning as well.
Your performance was amazing too.

Years of experience > Age




I have learnt from many, many people…
and my stuff is still trash :joy:
no but really still make sure u always learn as well kiddos


Personally, i think you’re a little too opinionated on this subject.

What does it matter if it’s him or not

It’s not worth the time to think too deeply about it.



What does it matter if it’s him or not

So again, as said, it doesn’t matter to me whether it is or isn’t him.
It’s that people actually believe the fantasy that I have trouble with.

Maybe I should just go back to muting the General category. Yeah, think I’ll do that. :+1: :slight_smile:


I appreciate your point in this bro.

But surely what other people believe shouldn’t be your concern?

I personally don’t think he is producing his own tracks- but personally I don’t think Steve aoki and Martin garrix have produced all their own tracks either. In the real world things aren’t always so simple


I agree


I don’t mean to be annoying, lol.

But, referring to what Southborne said, yes, what other people believe shouldn’t really be of your concern. Not in this situation, at least.

You don’t have to mute the general category bro. All we are doing is discussing -.-


It’s just a bit interesting though, to see a child of this age pumping out this quality of music…


honestly i don’t really care about this whole dilemma thing. i want to know why Auxy hasn’t contacted me yet. i’ve been apart of Auxy since the beginning and have trying to be more than a follower. i’ve done soooo much to get recognition from him and all i’ve gotten was a win in BTC, i think #9. I’ve contacted so many moderators to see what i can to to get where thy are in auxy and have done all of that, yet Auxy hasn’t noticed me, i’ve even asked them what i need to do. they don’t even an much as follow me. this is all BS and deserve to know why i am still not noticed, because i can tell developers have noticed me and haven’t done anything about. and i think it is unfair and disappointing i have to share this publicly because i have shut my mouth up about this for a long time to make sure i don’t sound like a complete imbecile. I have so many great ideas. i’ve had them for so GD long!
give me a chance! it has been over 11 freaking months!




On the other hand, I’ve been here for a year and all I get is “tbh your stuff really blows” and “endm is a weirdo” and "he’s a meme"
Go figure.


What changed?

So you’re trying to be a moderator?




What changed-

i have been waiting for a very long time. and i’m saddened that auxy hasn’t recognized me, through anything ive done. i start to think what does it take. after waiting and sharing my music for a long time to see if anything pops up from them and nothing. so i decided to share that story to the auxy community that from my perspective i feel this way, and yes i might sound ungrateful and i need to just keep waiting and something will happen… i already did that. i want auxy friends to collaborate with and be at least followed by auxy so i know they see me. i’ve tried doing that all by myself but it hasn’t worked.

so you’re trying to be a moderator-

first of all isnt that what everyone wants? i mean what is your job as a producer, get popular and get your music to spread the best way possible. if that isnt what you want, why make music.
im not asking to be one, but if it is offered, hell yeah im gonna accept that.
Being a moderator is a dream, i first have to work my way up that tree to get there, but not much has happened to climbing that tree… and i am curious to why i haven’t moved up that tree for the amount of effort i tried getting up it.

i hope i answered your questions @Alyen :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, just FYI you might want to make a new topic for this :slight_smile:

P.S. I kinda feel the same way, Auxy hasn’t noticed me either