8 yr old Auxy musician!?


I personally think that if we find proof of any kind that he isn’t making the music, he shouldn’t be reposted by Auxy.


At worst, it’s ghost produced. Afaik, Auxy has no policy against tracks that are ghost produced.
Whoever is actually creating it is presumably ok with the kid being credited with it.

So, in that regard, Auxy should repost if they think the tracks deserve it (or they want whatever buzz/halo effect/traffic they might get from reposting it.) :wink:

My only issue is that people actually believe that this 8 y/o is creating it all.


Guys, you’re hating on an 8 year old…




Maybe keep this stuff to the PMs…


I’m agreeing wth you


I started music at 10. So I think it very well could be legit, in my opinion.


I bet you guys $10 that it’s his pappy helping him write and rap




Are you saying somebody is writing everything or just helping him?


I get what u mean…


I certainly don’t hate the kid.

As said…

My only issue is that people actually believe that this 8 y/o is creating it all.


yea i totally agree with that


That’s an issue, perhaps.


Were you creating music like that from day one (forget the lyrics)?


I started music at 10 too!


I’d say helping him, by doing 99% of it, but maybe all of it.

All the music, most of the lyrics.

I actually don’t care either way. I’m slightly bothered that some people don’t see this for what it is.

(I understand that some here started music very young age, but I can’t point out why his young age is not the only factor causing me to doubt the kid is precocious without coming across like a complete ar*ehole. So, I’m done. Y’all can believe what you like.)


I’ve been on and off a few times. But yes for the most part.


dang. I started playing piano when i was 4 then other instruments and it took me until just several months ago to start producing my own music


I guess it is a bit precocious which seems suspicious