8 bit sounds in Auxy

I’ll show you guys this track that I recreated from a chiptune dubstep track that I made last year
You just have to get a little creative my dudes

Heres the track that I recreated, its a year old so I didnt know how to sidechain properly

Hold the player and copy the link and paste in new tab


Yeah nvm I compared it more and it sounds different

Its really good
I’m actually working on an 8 bit track right now

Thanks my dude
I’d like to hear that track soon xd

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My dude, this sounds like a great OST for a video game

Nice work @LunarAura. Thanks for sharing your technique.

np my dude

I was wondering if I could remix it? (It would probably be future bass or progressive house)

Sure go ahead

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a bit late dont ya think



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juuuuuust a little bit

j u s t a t i n y b i t

just a little tad bit late


I know this is old but this is FKIN SICK

Can I remix this also?

Yo this is 3 years old

I know lol

:+1: ok