7YOU8 - Oyster. Just finish another one:)

Hello everyone, finished one more track, enjoy listening :slight_smile:

oh, thanks for information, I fix it


Like the track. Great vibe.

(As I commented on the track) I also like the little synthy melody. It’s adds a nice touch sound-wise, widening slightly the influences it pulls on. (I like stuff with multi-genre influences.)

The only criticisms I’d have…

The kick feels a little light. It could have possibly worked better dropped a few notes to make it more seated in the overall soundscape and mix, and layered with a subtle deeper layer, just to fill it out a little.
Not to go full-on hard punch/boom, but give the kick a bit more colour, richness and more rounded.

Perhaps the kick is also a little short. Makes it feel like it sitting on top of the mix, rather than seated in the mix. (I’m not sure if I’m explaining my thoughts well.)

Secondly, given the general vibe of the piece, I think you could have comfortably extended the breakdown beyond the 2:52 mark. The kick came back after only a short break.
There’s a slightly ambient atmos in there, so would have been nice to explore that more during a longer breakdown.

Otherwise, cool piece. Will definitely be revisiting that. :+1: :slight_smile:

thanks for your review! you speak to the point, agree with many things. But to be honest, working on this track was super boring, I finished it only because I am learning to finish tracks) Before, I had mountains of demos, which in the end remained demo because I did not finish them. Now I want to finish the ideas purely in principle, in order to gain experience, and understand how to do it) With this track, I will only change the volume of the pad in the breakdown, yesterday I listened to the track in the car, my ears were bleeding from resonance and high volume. Thanks again for your attention, this is very helpful :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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