7YOU8 - made on my phone)

hello everyone, I finished the first track in auxi a couple of weeks ago, if someone likes it - super, doesn’t like it - it happens, as for me, he’s so-so too🤣



I think it’s a great track. Make it public. Now! :wink:
(and get some proper tags in.)

I wanted to like it and make a couple of comments, but couldn’t bc it’s Privated.

(I’d also consider renaming it. It’s cute, but I think it might limit its appeal. Something to consider, maybe. Maybe some ‘proper’ artwork too.)

From the great vibe of the opening sequence, I was expecting (kinda hoping) it would turn into a kinda of Caribou/Daphni style track. It kinda did and didn’t.

When the first build started, especially using the riser and 909(?) snares, I was expecting (and hoping against) it to turn into some kind of big-room banger — but I’m glad it didn’t.

You kept it fairly stripped back and I like where you took it.

It all felt very pro. Great head music, but still danceable.
Subtle and sophisticated. Confident in knowing how to create a great track with only a few moving parts.

Definite potential for traction.

A few specific comments…

[Edit] Actually, no, it would be nit-picking. It’s a great piece.

Maybe the only ‘change’ I might propose would be to add a nice little lo-fi, crunchy organic percussion pattern under the drums. Just to dirty it up a little and add a little character and colour.

But, as said, maybe that’s just nit-picking.

So, give it a decent name, sort out the main genre and genre/influences tags, make it public for g*d’s sake! :wink:

…not least so I can comment, Like and Repost it.
(I followed you straight away on hearing this track. Just going through your past stuff. Clearly very talented and capable. Criminally low play numbers on these older tracks.)

You definitely need to sort out your promo game. The tracks are certainly good enough to get some traction with the right push.

Of course, get it up on Spotify, etc…, if they aren’t already.
Then get your social promo game on. :slight_smile:


Woah…to be honest, I don’t know what to answer to this review. This is generally the first response to my music. All I can say is that such reviews motivate you to do what you do :slight_smile: Thank you for not passing by and expressing your opinion :+1:

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That’s cool. It’s a great track.
So, please, make it public so more ears can hear it. :+1:

Oh, and when you do make it public, be sure to submit it to the current week’s Auxy Forum Track of the Week. (The thread’s not up yet, but keep an eye out for it in the Contest & Challenges category).

If the track is locked (i.e. no more changes planned), get it up on Spotify, Pandora, etc…

If you’re not already hooked up for digital distribution, you might wanna check out a couple of the decent free distribution services, including Amuse.io and LevelMusic.com. (see below)

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btw, if graphic design isn’t your thing, then I’m happy to help you put some simple cover art together, if it means this gets pushed out further sooner :slight_smile:

Side-note: Just noticed that you’re aware of Caribou/Daphni on SC.
Explains the influence in this track. :+1:

Not meant as a criticism. I love his sound(s) too, starting back in his early Manitoba days.

More than happy to see these sounds popping up in this forum.

Thanks :wink: I’ll follow your advice, I will make the track public. Yes, last week I found out about amuse, excellent service, I have already used it :slight_smile: About " Track of the Week" thanks for the information, again I will follow your advice :wink: :+1: :+1:

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Liked and Reposted. :slight_smile:

:wink: :+1: :+1:

Brief note. Earlier, I recommended checking out LevelMusic as a distribution option.

My advice now is… I don’t recommend them.

I signed up for their Premium plan and had an initially smooth release for two Black Node tracks (jazz) and one Humankin track (electronic).

When I attempted to release two additional Black Node tracks, things started going south.

Long story short, they’ve screwed up all the Black Node existing and new releases — and their support has been very poor, not really paying attention to the problems I’m describing, and saying they’ll fix things, but then not fixing things.

The problems stem from using the Jazz genre, which they offered/listed as an option in their releases tools, but they’ve recently ‘discovered’ (after being in business for over a year) that they can’t offer Jazz.

If you’re not using Jazz (or Classical or Film Score), then they’re probably ok.
(I have one electronic release with them, which they haven’t screwed up so… :man_shrugging:

Either way, I’m going to move my LevelMusic releases somewhere else and close that account.

Very disappointing.

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hello, thanks for the information, it is very good that you shared this experience, now I used amuse, so far there are no complaints :+1: I wish you creative success and cool musical ideas

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