6Strings [Collab]

Hey guys! Im completely new here. So since im able to make a new topic i was wondering if anyone would like to collab with me or give me tips about the forum and making music! My names Logan for those who dont know and ive used auxy forever lol. Anyways, i really love this place already, thank you all, and i will see you all later.

I’m down.

So you just joined the forum and you’ve used auxy a lot. Do you have SoundCloud.

Yes i do

Yo I’m always up for a collab

What’s your SoundCloud?

So are we gonna do the collaboration

Um pretty sure rn its just user and a whole bunch a numbers besides i dont have anything anyway

Coolio. You wanna start?

sure, i guess

Ok. I’d like to listen to any music you post though. :blush:

Yeah man add your link to your soundcloud to your profile, even if it is just some random user 12345678 thing. That would be my first advice as a disco user