60 BPM Song on Auxy!


Yes your submission will count!




May be late cause I just saw this post (I’m not good at being a part of communities, apparently) Here’s my most recent 60bpm track. I make a lot of ttracks at this pace. It’s a little noisy but it’s not the harshest thing to come from me.


Yay thank you!!!
I’ve actually decide to extend the time for this Contest a little because we only have 3 submissions so far, so I’ll be extending it to September 9th.


Sounds like a cool challenge! I will try to participate today!

Edit: I’ll definitely participate with the song I’m currently working on!


;p cool


It’s finished! Here’s the link: https://soundcloud.com/spphrmusic/slow


Hey guys I’m so sorry I got really busy all of a sudden with all these projects and I was totally packed with hw.

First place- Aqua
Second- spphr


I’ve reposted your track from the competition Aqua let me know the one of your choice to repost when you get the chance.


60 bucks per hectare - What am I doing xDD


Omg i saw this was most recent and I thought this was still going on! Lol

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