60 BPM Song on Auxy!


I kinda just like the contest vibe lol so I’m making another one hahaha! So I recently made a song called Skyline in Auxy and the song is 60bpm the lowest you can get. So my challenge for you guys is to make a song with 60bpm AND bonus points if it’s made with only demo sounds have fun!

Prize: I will repost the winning song and another song of the winner’s choice, (I don’t have many followers so this might not do much sorryㅠㅡㅠ)

Cutoff Date: September 7th


It’s not mph, it’s BPM, I changed the title for you.


Thank you! (how embarrassing) this is why I shouldn’t start a thread when I should be sleeping :joy::joy::joy:


You should also edit your post too.


:+1:Alright I’m going to sleep :rofl::rofl:


https://soundcloud.com/aquax/lost old but thought would work


So 1 beat per minute?


Yes…hahahaha no I’m sorry guys I swear I edited it correctly this time: BPM

(Please forgive me) :rofl:


Omg this is actually so beautiful and amazing!


60 biles per hour


Finally someone gets it!



Hans Zimmer - Time is at 60bpm


Fwiw, Auxy can technically go as low as 20 BPM if you enable Ableton Link.


Thx for letting me know!


Mumblewave. New genre. You seen it here first. Synthwave x mumble rap. You’re welcome everyone get yo link on and g’on ‘n git it!!!


Cutoff date: September 7th



I’m not at home so I posted a link to the project in Auxy


2 Day warning! ^^


1 Day warning all submissions must be in by the end of the day tomorrow.
(I’ll announce the winner as soon as possible hopefully tomorrow or the next day)


Is mine gonna count as a submission