6.6 Beta with Undo

Just sent out a new beta to everyone who helped testing the previous version. The big news is that now you can (finally) undo any changes in the loop editor! :partying_face:

Also in this version:

  • Old renders are automatically grouped and can be quickly deleted if you need to free up space on your device
  • New scenes are made empty by default (use duplicate if you want to copy an existing scene)
  • The last scene now stays selected when you play the track to the end
  • A few tweaks for improved graphics (can you spot the differences?)

If you want to test it and didn’t get an invite:


Just saw notification…very excited :eyes:


Well done devs :clap::clap::clap:
Undo feature is great and works perfect. Just tried no issues so far.
It’s the most requested feature on forum and it’s implemented the way I wanted.
Auxy users gonna love this a lot.

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I just rendered audio of project that was previously rendered and I see two separate rendered audio file with the same name. I don’t see them grouped.

I don’t find any difference in graphics. Maybe I have to reinstall AppStore version to check this.
OR maybe newer devices can notice this difference easily

The idea is that it will group any renders that are older than one month. I.e. it does not keep track of which project has rendered a file.

These are very subtle so I assume you will not find them.

Ok the position of undo icon is very close to soft and pitch button which quite increase the chances of mistake.
Like while testing I wanted to soft some notes and it touched undo.

Ok :+1:, Thanks for clarifying.

Good point! You don’t want to undo by mistake.

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:mag_right::mag_right::mag_right: :eyes: :eyes:

Exactly, a little far undo would be great. (…) 4 dot spaces would be ok.

Hello world! Changed my name/avatar to clarify that it’s the “official Auxy stance” and separate that a bit from the private person Henrik. :relaxed:


Just noticing the indicators in the scenes showing how long the scene is and which loops are active for looks a bit sharper than usual, the gaps between each little square seem minutely wider and outlined?


Nice catch!

I noticed this too, I thought it was changed in previous version. I think it’s not sharp instead border looks more broad.
Personally I prefer the previous style, l liked it’s sleek and sharp border.

Also Rendering timeline also made broader.

I kinda get what was being aimed for here, but imo, this one seems a strange one, likely to complicate most workflows than improve them.

When a scene is added onto the end of an in-production track, it’s likely to have more in common with the previous Scene than a blank slate.

So, while it’s still possible using Duplicate, I suspect 51%+ of users would prefer the previous ‘one tap’ option to be the default.

Not sure the new default behaviour is optimised towards how users actually work.

My ¢2.

@Aklibs Does the new Undo require a confirmation?

(It is a kind of destructive action — unless there’s also a Redo being added (which I don’t think is the case) — so maybe… :man_shrugging:

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Good point, Undo without redo. There is not confirmation of changes when you undo notes.

Bug Report #1

I found very unusual bug :bug:
Any note can be drawn anywhere in the loop editor and drum loop editor.
It doesn’t stick to grid if it is below 50%.

After clicking Ok, the notes gets into grid.