4 a.m. by vectr


Check it out!


Neat song.

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Pitch bended sub bass is always a plus :+1:

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‘Not my genre, but I like it’, as the saying goes. :slight_smile:

Q: What happened in the middle? The fade-out and ‘restart’ feels a bit unstructured. If it’s on purpose, it’s an interesting creative decision.
(That’s not me being diplomatic. I think it would actually be an interesting creative decision.)

Q: It’s super-basic, more of a groove than a track.
Do you see it as a ‘sketch’ that you’ll work up later or a finished minimalist track?

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I see it as a finished minamilist track that focuses more on the bass than anything else. Also yes, the fade out in the middle was on purpose. It got kind of boring listening to the same thing over and over again so I changed it up.

Maybe add a change of the melody in the second half with the “Kiss” Synth. Other than that its amazing. good job!

Idk why I wasn’t following you Lol! But I am now, also, reposted :smiley: Look forward to the next track

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