3K PAGES - Remix Contest Finale

Hello and welcome to my final (auxy) remix contest! This time, it’s 3K PAGES because why not? Anyways, here’s the project link & some rules before you start remixing!


  • You can add your favorite C# 155 BPM sample or make your own but don’t remove the samples that are already used in the project
  • Keep the BPM as always but if you want, you need to pitch & tune the samples so that they match the BPM you’re using
  • You have to either post your remix in SC & YT or you can place a project
    link of it
  • Do anything fun you want to do in your remix!

1st place: huge sample pack folder & ghost gang beginner kit (full project)
2nd & 3rd place: ghost gang beginner kit (full project)

Contest will finish at May 13 which is at Eid Al Fitr! Good luck & have fun!


I’ll think about a prize for both 2nd & 3rd, but for now, remix!


Ill try my best g

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i’ll try to remix this one :joy::skull:

I did what i always do lol :v:t2:

6 days left! After that, it’s over for my auxy remix contests.

I’m in!

IM DONE! hope y’all like it! https://app.auxy.co/projects/tSsOag7ScqkkxLJufuHNKA==

no offense but you cant just take a sample someone made and throw a beat over it and call it a song, yeah some others were okay but there isnt really much of a song here to remix anyways

time to announce the winners of my final auxy contest!

Here’s the results:

1st place: @FRUDS

2nd place: @WiseTheodore

Well, that’s the end of my auxy contests, for now. You all did a wonderful job out there though! I’ll see you guys next time. Peace! (you guys have permission to take the project).


Where is the kit?


I sent it in private dms