2am Supermarket - YeahMarcYeah [Lo-Fi, WIP, Project, Collab? ]

This is my first time trying to create a “chill lo-fi” type track.

Help me out! :slight_smile:



Just gave it a quick listen and you need a stronger kick, and you need some ducker as well. Trigger it w/ samples. You use celery as an instrument, and it doesn’t fit in, but the rest of your sound design is pretty good. You should also add some reverb. The first ride you use in your drum kit is pretty jarring, I’d find a different sample. Maybe speed up the tempo a bit as well, I liked it better ~82. Hope that helps!


Sorry, but duck what exactly?
The main keyboard?
The drums? (Do people actually use ducking on drums?)
Or turn up the duck on everything?

And yeah, I’ve noticed that about rides/crashes in general. I’ll listen to it on my phone and it’ll sound crazy loud/jarring but in the car it’s too quiet, haha. But I’ll mess with it.

Yeah, I kinda knew Celery wasn’t quite the best fit.
So, I’m gonna try Jewel.

These are the changes I’ve made