2020 Rebranding + New Track = heck just plz read

Howdy Folks! I do this wonderful thing called procrastinate which explains why I haven’t made this post or posted a track in… a while. So. I spell this all out to you nice and clear so I don’t waste you’re precious time!

First and foremost, I posted my first track of 2020 and would love if y’all could go check it out!

Second off, most of my time spent recently has been PRIMARLY working on these custom, personalized sounds for you. Please check them out… I worked very very hard on these. They add sounds that personally I feel Auxy lacks, more mastered, hard hitting leads, organic sounds, and oriental sounds. Please check it out.

And last. 2020 is going to be great. I have absolutely no plans this year except make music for you guys. As for a few adjustments, I have all custom art being made for this year, and I am not taking down any tracks because of just… low plays or likes, they are all staying up. Also, each of my tracks has the project link in the description if you wish to check it out.

So yeah, thanks for sticking with me all this time. I honestly really appreciate it. Please feel free to send me any of your tracks I might miss, I love listening to what you guys come up with.