2019 Logo Ideas


Not really a logo but a bunch of pro pics.


really like the second and fourth ones

the other two are hella cool, but the picture of you and your logo part kinda look out of place


What logo part?


just like the picture of you - actually, looking back at it, only the first one looks a little out of place

i think it would be cooler if you like put the pic of you in the sky or something and made the train tracks like your banner


A picture of my figure in the sky wouldn’t match up, unless I was submerged in a cloud or something but it’d look stupid and there wouldn’t be a main attraction


thats tru


anyway, i think 2, 3, and 4 are totally dope


Thank u. I’ll be making more soon


New logo(kinda) any thoughts?


woah that’s really good.

one thing i would say is that the hand feels a bit big/long. Like when i rest my hand in that position, it doesnt go all the way up to my ear. Could just be how i do it i guess.


U dont look like you’re feeling so good in that second one


Mr. Stark…


Yeah I’ve never been a expert at drawing hands :sweat_smile:
But thanks for the compliment :slight_smile:


First one is amazing


only a select few are good with hands and eyes

(i’ve done drawing and animation, so i know how hard that stuff is lol. which is why i stick to 3d)


I just started this whole digital art stuff so I’m learning as I proceed to make more art but I understand how those things can be lol


I used to draw, but I’m not that good at it at all. I made a comic where all the characters were stick figures.


Lol how? All of them have the same photo of me


infinity war reference


I have no idea what taht is but everyone keeps commenting that on my stuff now