2019 Logo Ideas


I love the first one too the second one kinda reminds me of windows logo



Yeah I see that now


Love the first one. Big fan of how everything was able to be integrated into something so minimal.


Ok.That’s the official sc banner that I made.


The one you did was amazing too bro!

Sorry for the very late reply😅


This is way better than the last


dude thats sick


I tried to make my own logo.Even tho it’s not finished.Tell me if I should continue :slight_smile:


These seems legit! But which logo should I pick? (Yes I made it myself)


Bruh the edges are very, very rough. Very hard to look at :frowning:


Yeah,but the thing is my project broke so I can’t fixed that too much :frowning:


Fixed it (a L I t t l e)

Edit: my next logo I think


as is, it looks like you just overexposed the pic and maxed out the sharpness, which doesn’t really make this look great.

Could use some additional work and tone down the effects.

Weird tho, at first glance i thought i was looking at a weird trident


the top looks like a geometry dash extreme demon


@Aqua Nice you play Geometry Dash.

Even tho I don’t know where you see the EXTREME DEMON…





now that’s what i call god eater




mega not off topic


Def not