2019 Logo Ideas


I guess people like my current logo???


keep the soda logo yeas good good


I’ll make a mock-up. I’ll see what I can do and improve.


The first one is pretty chaotic which I kinda like (Ik ik I already choosed the first one) The second one is also not bad (If I could ever create a chill track)


I almost thought that my logo is in sketch 3 :joy:


Bro your logo is WOKE AF


How lol i dont think they are that similiar :joy:



Well they kinda look the same.I don’t know.I just saw it :joy:



Actually I have a good idea for a background.This one is very lit


Ohhhh for that sketch lol yeah they look pretty much the same :smiley:.


That bg would be a perfect fit🔥


Background is an inspiration from @Insolidarity


I think there is too much red maybe darken the bg a little bit more


I’ll try my best.If it’s not gonna work then yeah.Don’t say I ignored


I hope it’s okay and I actually couldn’t fix that much so the red is like that.Tell me guys if that would be perfectly blended in SoundCloud.


Do you have a png. Of the logo? I can try to fix that


I’ll send it tomorrow ok?


This logo is ascending oh my god


Any thoughts??


Love the first one