2019 Logo Ideas


nonnoo keep what you have it’s really nice


@BobTheGUYYYYY the wide gap at the bottom looks wrong because the T is much wider and you shorten it at the end. The way the white outline of the B cuts the T should be smoothened out.

Mind The Gap
The white outline is not consistent and should be fixed. I know the G is popping out, but you should design it so that the bottom of the G is in the outline while the top of the point is popping out.
(Example shown below)

Those are the only issues I see with this design. Other than that, it’s very good! I know a lot of people seem to disagree, but people aren’t really a big fan of change. I personally like it because the B looks like a speaker. Maybe you can do something with that information. Make the B a speaker and the T could be something with music, as well as the G. That’s all the feedback I have for now. Happy designing :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


That banner is :fire::b::ok_hand: l i t :ok_hand::b::fire:


I think you need a new font, maybe try something more minimalistic?


Hard to read from far away but i like the aesthetic


I like it, but what’s with the random dot near the end?


dot should go on both sides probably


Minimalism is taking over almost every logo I see and I hate it! It’s not fun to look at. It makes your logo look boring. It’s easier to read, but not that appealing to the eye.


For the record, I think if anything most people around here change more than they stay the same (I could probably name off at least a dozen partial / complete rebrands that happened within the last year alone, myself included). I think the key is more to (re)design with a purpose and not just for the sake of it. For example, I redesigned my overall brand because I was honing in on a more distinctive sound I found myself producing (melodic electronic / synthwave), and changed the aesthetics of my art to match the vibe of my music. The same goes with @Insolidarity and others. So in short, aside from the logo coming up a bit short in terms of being aesthetically pleasing in comparison to his current one, it seems like there isn’t a real driver or something to be accomplished with the logo switch up.

… When in doubt, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. :wink:


Let me clarify what I meant by people not liking change. What I meant to say was that people don’t like unexpected change. Especially when it comes to artists. There’s usually a lot of negative feedback whenever an artist changes for the better of their music. It just takes a while for people to appreciate.

For the reason of change—I feel like the logo change is necessary. This new one is very eye catching and I feel like the old @BobTheGUYYYYY logo is a goodie, but an oldie. I’m not saying that BTG should change logo to the one presented above, but there are good ideas in the logo above. (Also, not sure if anyone else thought this while first coming across BTG’s logo, but the T in the current logo looks like an I. I read it as BIG. That’s not good design if the view can’t read what is being presented.)


@Plhector Just sayin that if you focus on the fact that there’s no line BELOW the T as opposed to above it, you can see the BTG.

I see what you mean though. Luckily it’s one of those rare cases that you CAN unsee if you try hard enough.


But there doesn’t have to be a line below the T for it to be an I. The horizontal line is too close to the B and G that it makes it look like an I.


If there’s a horizontal line on only one side it’s a T. It has to be vertically symmetrical to be an I.


I mean that an I doesn’t have to have horizontal lines at all the be an I.



What is this font then


Oops. I meant to put doesn’t.


Well it was supposed to be a full stop, but I moved it up a little, you could probably move it back down


:grimacing::grimacing: nah man


Looks like I’m outta designer flair :sweat_smile: Does anyone wanna make a logo mock-up for me?


i have a cool idea