2019 Logo Ideas



I’m thinking I can use this. I really like the design of flowers so that I had to put in. Any other logo/profile ideas?
Feel free to make one lmao

Also should I keep the “AK” or just keep one flower in the center?


I think this is actually very good. The font is also stylized and recognizable enough that you can use it as is with things such as cover art or other branding.


@AnirudhKhanna I have this so far. I might make it bigger. Let me know what you think!


I love the flowers. The letters could need some improvements, they look kinda unfinished to me. But very nice idea!


Very nice! Wish I could make something this good!


@Plhector thats insane! I love the pixelated flower


Personally I like that cutoff


Thanks! Would you like me to just make your logo? It’s not a problem. I work pretty fast in pixel art. I’ve been making pixel art since 2011


You don’t have to. I’ve already decided on a “logo” but thanks, anyways :ok_hand:


Alright, but let me know if you change your mind!


What do you guys think of this?


The top of the B has a thinner line than the bottom :frowning: I’m not super big on design elements but this stood out to me immediately


The B needs work. Other than that it’s pretty cool.


It’s cool, but I don’t think you should replace your current logo with it. You have a pretty cool thing going with some of the new cover arts using your current logo, don’t stop now :wink:


Not crazy about this one if I’m being honest. Your current one is pretty perfect in terms of recognizability (I glance at your logo and immediately know what it is) and color scheme (good variety in your current one… very saturated and plain in the alternative one). Just not as good a fit overall IMHO.


Agreed here. Your two existing are :ok_hand:


Good for some cover art, bad as a logo design. It’s kinda hard to see what it’s supposed to be at first glance. logos should be simple looking and easy to read and this one isn’t either of them. I’d keep ur current one, but still, it’s a nice design for something else like cover art or something.

sorry if u think im ripping into it too much lol, just my honest opinion


This ended up not being as popular as I hoped, but if I’m being honest with myself you guys are right :sweat_smile: oh well


The color wasn’t final because I always change it later, but yeah…