2019 Logo Ideas


Hmm, not very good. Whoever made ur art must have no skills


Amateur at best best but he’s got chops… much potential, I see, young Padawan




This is thhe second time i rework my logo, but honestly I like clean simple design



Just a word of caution on using a glow effect on small images, as it can make it look blurry as opposed to glowing as the size of the image decreases.


ah, gotcha


Glowing in general isn’t very nice looking


Ok, how so?


it can look good. But only in certain circumstances and usually with other effects applied.


It doesn’t look good on logos 90% of the time

Maybe it’s just me


I guess my logo is in the upper 10%


Yours is more of a motion blur kinda. Whatever it is, yeah it is good


urs is gud. but the only small super nit-picky “that one guy” thing i could say is that it’s not totally symmetrical.

Like the glow i mean.

(which kinda cuts off)
59%20PM 48%20PM

love everything about it tho. Just being “that one guy” lol dontkillme


Looks nice!


I actually like the asymmetry kinda so eh :stuck_out_tongue:




Idk how else to change my logo! I want to reuse the banner, because of the letters, and because the cool font, but I’m literally out of ideas for a new logo!

LogoMakr_2Li1sE LogoMakr_0p1Dfy image image


I think it’s supposed to be like that, like an rgb effect


That logo is OP


I know, I know! But I like it when I first made it, and kinda stuck with it! Now, i want to rebrand myself but i have no idea where to start!!!